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Determine a workable, efficient, client-pleasing IT service strategy using the knowledge and experience gained from the e-Careers ITIL® Intermediate SS course. The course is particularly well suited to professionals who are involved in strategic service design and who want to integrate the stability of the ITIL® framework to improve and standardise their own offerings.

The course is of particular interest then to IT professionals who need a detailed understanding of service delivery strategy within the ITIL® framework, including:

  • CIOs and other senior professionals responsible for defining and implementing a service strategy as part of wider IT and business goals.
  • COOs and IT operations managers who will need to understand how their service strategy is defined and managed.
  • Service managers who want to improve their knowledge of service strategy.
  • IT professionals who are interested in training for the full ITIL® Intermediate-level qualification.

The ITIL® Intermediate SS course will help IT professionals improve their knowledge of the ITIL® service strategy, and help them develop the skills and experience they need to define an IT service strategy that integrates and supports other core business strategies and goals.

Using over 9 hours of instructor led videos and self-study resources, the ITIL® Intermediate SS course from e-Careers allows students to study at their own pace, and at their own convenience. A series of self-assessment tests at the end of each module helps participants identify whether their readiness to sit the ITIL® Intermediate SS exams and earn their certificate.


The ITIL® Intermediate SS course helps students understand the role of service strategy in the context of the ITIL® framework before taking a deep-dive into the specifics of strategy design and implementation.

Students will learn:

  • The ITIL® approach to viewing service management as process within a larger system.
  • Service Strategy Principles – the principles behind good service design.
  • Service Strategy Processes – the processes that need to be built in to support and manage the service strategy.
  • Service Strategy, Governance, Architecture and ITSM Implementation Strategies – using IT frameworks to help improve governance and the impact of strategy on other business processes.
  • Organizing for Service Strategy – building the team and assigning roles and responsibilities necessary to implement the strategy.
  • Technology Considerations – using technology to underpin strategy through the use of increased automation and escalation etc.
  • Implementing Service Strategy – designing, implementing and transitioning to a new service strategy.
  • Challenges, Critical Success Factors and Risks – identifying and resolving issues that could prevent successful deployment of the new strategy.


Upon completion of the ITIL® Intermediate SS course, students should have acquired the skills and expertise needed to design and implement a working IT service strategy within an organisation, and to understand its relevance in helping achieve other business goals. Other reasons to undertake this course from e-Careers include:

  • Gaining an improved understanding of customers and market spaces, and the strategies required to deal with both.
  • Learning to identify and analyse demand patterns and use of services to provide guidance when designing new strategies.
  • Improved ability to manage the overall services portfolio.
  • New skills will help to optimise IT investments and maximise ROI.
  • Improves job performance, increases employment prospects and provides the basis for students to go on to study for the full ITIL® Intermediate certificate.

As a result the ITIL® Intermediate SS course is an essential investment in improving IT service provision, operational efficiency and employee skills.


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