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The Microsoft Basics course will provide a comprehensive foundation of basic Excel skills. Learn how to master the Excel Basics that will impress your colleagues and help you hit the career heights that you deserve. David Millard will guide you through the Excel Basics that will enable you to manipulate data on the world's most popular spreadsheet software with ease.

Microsoft Excel for Business will take your Excel to the next level, and allow you to impress your boss or keep driving your business forward. This course will provide a masterclass in advanced excel skills which will allow you to master powerful analytics tools and present data in new and exciting ways.

In the Microsoft Excel - 300 Module Masterclass you will acquire the skills needed to turn Excel into a personal business intelligence tool. You will learn creative interactive charts, super dashboards and formulas as well as easy & complex formulas and how to print from partial & full workbooks. You will also learn to format, use for data analysis and manage worksheets using real world examples and step-by-step instructions.



Excel Basics

Part 1: Welcome to Excel Basics

Part 2: Excel Basics

Part 3: Worksheets

Part 4: Formatting

Part 5: Formulas

Part 6: Sorting and Filtering Data

Part 7: Charts

Part 8: Printing

Part 9: Quiz


Microsoft Excel - 300 Module Masterclass!

Part 1 - My Top Ten (10) Hacks and Tips

Part 2 - Excel Interface

Part 3 - Workbooks and Worksheets

Part 4 - Formatting

Part 5 - Organizing and Working with Data

Part 6 - Numbers, Dates and Formulas

Part 7 - Tables and Pivot Tables

Part 8 - Charts

Part 9 - Creating, Resizing and Modifying Charts

Part 10 - Formatting & Customising Charts

Part 11- Updating & Printing Charts

Part 12 - Working With Text, Pictures, Shapes and Effects

Part 13 - Basic Chart Types

Part 14 - Master Excel Charts

Part 15 - Get Started With Power Pivot and Power View

Part 16 - Calculated Fields - Columns & Dax Formula Language

Part 17 - KPI, Key Metrics and Design Your Dashboard > PART:1

Part 18 - Design Your Dashboard > PART:2

Part 19 - Create an Amazing Sales Map With Power View

Part 20 - Completing Your Dashboard

Part 21 - Analysing a Dashboard With Functions

Part 22 - Beginners: Basic Build-in Chart Types

Part 23 - Formatting & Customising Charts

Part 24 - Graphics for Charts & Dashboards

Part 25 - Dashboards Components: Sparklines - Mini Charts

Part 26 - Advanced Charts & Dashboard Components

Part 27 - Interactive Charts & Dashboards Controls

Part 28 - Analysing a Dashboard With Pivot Tables & Charts

Part 29 - Dashboards: Putting it All Together

Part 30 - The Basics of Macros

Part 31 - Enter the world of VBA

Part 32 - Get in-depth with Macros

Part 33 - How to create your First Piece of Code

Part 34 - Supercharge Macros and VBA with Loops

Part 35 - Ready-to-use Excel Macros Quiz


Microsoft Excel For Business

Part 1: Introduction to Formulas and Functions

Part 2: Excel Formulas 101

Part 3: Logical Operators

Part 4: Statistical Functions

Part 5: Lookup/Reference Functions 1

Part 6: Lookup/Reference Functions 2

Part 7: Text Functions

Part 8: Date & Time Functions

Part 9: Formula-Based Formatting

Part 10: Array Formulas

Part 11: Badass Bonus Functions

Part 12: Wrapping Up Formulas and Functions

Part 13: Introduction to Charts and Graphs

Part 14: Data Visualization Best Practices

Part 15: Customizing Charts in Excel

Part 16: Mastering Basic Charts & Graphs 1

Part 17: Mastering Basic Charts & Graphs 2

Part 18: Next-Level Data Visualization Exercises 1

Part 19: Next-Level Data Visualization Exercises 2

Part 20: Wrapping Up Charts & Graphs



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